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As i promised you yesterday, im posting today a video from the Netherlands ... Most of the time i was recording with the camera on my neck, so it will be some "shaky - shaky" moments, and you will feel dizzy, but you are watching at your own risk! ;) This video is not professional, it was made just for fun, and to keep our memories. Lean back, and feel free to laugh ...

0:10 - first dizziness,
0:18 - Olja's cute dancing scene,
0:34 - Waving girl,
0:42 - Central station in Amsterdam,
0:52- rude point finger girl,
1:00 - the second dizziness,
1:21 - beautiful beach,
1:37 - boots in the see,
1:51 - party crashers,
1:55 - some romantic couple,
2:16 - at this point , you are already collapsed, high speed,
2:22 - lovely afternoon in Haarlem,
2:28 - cold water,
2:55 - she deserves to dance in some musical, Footloose, part three,
3:00 - madhater,
3:09 - lesson 2, how to cross the street in Amsterdam,
3:18 - beautiful sunset in Haarlem.

With this video im ending my tour, hope you enjoyed!

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